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Hunting on eBay again.

Whatever you can say about eBay (and there's a lot that can be said about eBay, just not things you can publish in a family journal), it does have some good purposes.  20 years ago, if you were looking for historical memorabilia you either had to have a store local to you that specialized in that sort of thing, or knew of sources through the mail.  Today, your stores are online, and eBay is a good place to do the kind of hunting for such items.

Give you an interesting example... back in 2009, Topps came out with a series of cards called "American Heritage", which had sports, political and entertainment figures.  They also had a sub-category called "Heroes of Spaceflight", and this is where things get interesting.  It seems they managed to secure stuff that had flown in space, packaged it up and slipped them into the various packages.  A grand total of 61 cards per topic, such as a swath of material from the Space Shuttle Challenger's cargo bay.  Naturally, the prices for these cards vary wildly depending on who you're buying from... but sometimes... sometimes you can snag a bargain or two, thanks to eBay.

I have two of the cards now.  One is wiring from the Spacelab X-ray mission circa 1985, and the other is a bit of the Shuttle Atlantis payload bay liner, probably around 2000 or so.  In both cases, the sellers probably didn't realize what they had, so the prices were set much lower than the dealers have been asking for them... and yeah, I'm not going to tell folks otherwise.  *gryn*


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