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Four months in Houston now.

Hard to believe I've been here so short a time, yet it feels like I've been here for much longer than that.  All the misery and dreariness over working in Fort Walton Beach has totally evaporated, and being here working with the Space Exploration group has been both enjoyable and challenging.  From what I've been told by the person who hired me (he's not IT, but he's like the assigned manager) folks who I support like me and my ability to solve the problems, which is always a plus.

Life otherwise tends to be quiet once I come back to the apartment.  Other than taking an outing with some fellow co-workers on a day trip to a casino (organized by one of the groups at work), I tend not to do much otherwise.  Watch a little television if I feel like it (and if there's something worth watching), muck a bit, experiment with creating some mixes of techno and trance music, experiment with creating videos... I have the software on my machine, I might as well use it, no?

One of these days I'll have an hour-long mix program created for letting folks sample my tastes.  I'll never be in the realm of an Armin van Buuren or Paul van Dyk, but it'll still be fun to try.

Speaking of which, I do have some new music recommendations.  If you like trance, and are looking for a unique spin, try Aly and Fila's "Future Sound of Egypt, Volume 1", available for download at Amazon.  Two disks of some great music, based on their long-running show on Digitally Imported (in the US).


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