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Well, I've survived the first full week at the workplace.  Slowly getting into the swing of things there, it's definitely a lot more laid back in attitude there.  I've put up some of my comic strips I love with appropriate giggles from the co-workers, and a few other things to make it actually look like someone lives there.  A far, far different sort of atmosphere than the old workplace, gods help the folks still stuck there.

I can tell it's going to take time to go through the variety of food options I have around here.  Besides the usual chain stuff (curiously, I haven't seen a Borger King anywhere, but there is a McDoggies along the way to work) there's interesting little hole-in-the-wall places, along with some curiosities.  Things like Genghis Grill, a Mongolian grill place that's fairly decent, and Jimmy's Egg, a breakfast place that was very good for what I wanted... pancakes.  Good sized fluffy ones, not the sorry excuses you might see at McDonalds.

I still need to get things for the apartment, like bookshelves, a table, a few chairs and such.  Also a vacuum cleaner and some kitchen supplies.  But there's no real rush on any of that yet.  The bedroom's pretty well settled now, although I'm considering a different computer desk for switching to dual screen mode.  But we'll see what happens.

Mentally, I feel much better, the stress levels have definitely come down to levels that are below the radar finally.

Oh... just as an extra item, I saw some mints for sale at the little java stand at the workplace that I had to get... they're from some company called Project7, and they're packaged in a plastic test tube... complete with a cork at the top, just like the old chemistry sets and your high school chemistry experiments.  On a scale of 1 to 10 for geekiness, they're about an 8.  Their website is www.Project7.com and you can see and buy the mints from online (you get a dozen... I'm happy with one.)


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Jan. 23rd, 2011 01:10 am (UTC)
Mongolian grill? *whimper* We need a decent Mongolian grill place here in NOLA.
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