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Three weeks and counting.

Let's see where we are:

Apartment:  Secured.  Was the one I first started looking at when I was notified of the offer, kept going back to it, finally called the place and had them email me the application.  Filled it out, sent it back, was approved.  So now when I get to Houston, all I need to do is go to the office, pay the $199 move-in amount and pick up my keys.

Power:  Debating on either TXU or Direct Energy.  Texas has apparently deregulated majorly, so you can choose your power company.  I still have a little while to decide on that part.

Cable:  AT&T Uverse.  Don't care to deal with Comcast at all, and while there's another company I can get a deal with AT&T for moving in.

The Move:  Allied Van Lines via Coleman America will be picking up my stuff.  Going to try and get a Saturday delivery, no guarantees.

The Job:  Can't wait to leave the Legend In His Own Mind, aka the Green Bay Round Mountain of Hot Air and Sound.  This jerk has made my life miserable (major reason for leaving) and apparently gives blowjobs to my manager which is why he keeps getting away with creating a hostile work environment.

Funds:  We're getting there.  Major hit on the move aspect, but that's life sometimes...


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Dec. 19th, 2010 05:23 am (UTC)
You mean there's competition between power companies? Here, we're stuck with Entergy.

As for AT&T U-verse, I LOVE it!!! With phone, cell, TV and net, it's $36/month cheaper than Cox. And we know about Cox. I'm trying to get froggy to switch over to AT&T when it's available in his area.

Will you need an apartment sitter?
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