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Why I love three-day weekends

Just some randomness from me here... it's a quiet afternoon, being extremely lazy. I know I haven't posted here in a while, but then again this is not exactly a diary for daily drek. Besides, do you really want to hear me ranting day in and day out about my (l)users?

Ah well... I really need to take tomorrow and write. I've got an idea for a story (for posting to the tsa-talk mailing list) but it's just getting the idea fixed up.

I've got way too much music to sort now... Usenet might be drek 90% of the time, but you'd be amazed at what's posted some days. Between the classics and the jazz, I'm recreating my old library nicely. *chuckle*

I despite the P2P stuff... do you think I'd run that stuff just to deal with the fact that most of the users are trading nothing but the garbage that passes for popular music? NOT! Give me some decent Irish music, or maybe some stuff from Egypt... it's got more melody than rap.

Ok, I'm ranting again... *chuckle* I'm entitled to it...

Even living in the relative wilderness of Northwest Florida, I've managed to find a few decent places for dinners and such. One spot is called Dagwood's Deli Delights, and they do make a mean po' boy sandwich. Even the French Bread is from New Orleans. *chuckle* Then there's East River Smokehouse and their bbq sandwiches (the last one weight in close to a pound... for $3.75) and then there's Cancun's.. a little Mexican place in a strip mall that turned out to be very decend food indeed. Hadn't managed to get to McGuires in Pensacola yet (supposed to be a great Irish pub/steakhouse), but I'll get there eventually.

I think I'm going to vanish now... I'm getting hungry.


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Oct. 15th, 2003 10:24 pm (UTC)
Got you beat...
I had a FIVE-day weekend! Of course, I hadn't intended to, and I didn't really have Monday off--everyone else in this town did--but I kind of slept it away. But I didn't actually jump in here to gloat...

*taps her foot, idly wondering whatever became of her CD of chill-out music, and her copy of Peter Buffett*

I came to warn you that someone suggested nailing your shoes to the floor (again) until you got around to burning some discs...

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