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Welcome to Windows 7!

Otherwise known as Windows Vista, Second Edition.

Ok, I've got the software installed, the Windows 7 Ultimate 64 RTM.  And there are things that are good about the changes, and there are things that are bad about the changes, and then there are things that absolutely anger and infuriate me about the changes.

The good:  Yes, it's faster.  Good gods, it's much faster than Vista ever could hope to be, and much better in handling resources.  On my system, with 8gb of memory, things tend to fly very well.  Just as fast as Windows XP x64 flies, which is saying a lot.  File copying is much better than the debacle that Vista foisted on the public.  And things are a little less obtrusive (the UAC isn't as annoying as before).

The bad:  The UAC is still annoying enough.  You'd think that Microsoft could have developed something a little more unobtrusive, but I suppose they couldn't steal anything from Linux or Mac OS X.  (Then again, having dealt with Linux, it can be just as annoying as UAC, but just give it the sudo password and it won't bother you again.  UNLIKE Microsoft, which seems to want to bother you anyway.)  The default screens for like My Computer are still all wrong (I want details, not a bunch of icons) and they now use this stickybar idea for programs on the task bar.  You know what, Microsoft, I LIKE a clean taskbar, with things in Quick Launch (which you so conveniently REMOVED and I have to reinstall.)

The anger:  Microsoft, I love Aero.  It's nice, it's clean, it's good enough for a window manager.  But did you have to completely remove and disable the ability to turn off the damned popup screens when your mouse goes over a window box in the task bar?  You at least gave users the ability to turn it off in Vista, but in Windows 7 you've ripped out the ability to turn it off.  I want the damned thing OFF!!!  I don't want a mini screen of the window popping up when I move my mouse, I want it rid of!  Oh, and your desktop background slideshow function keeps failing after an hour or so, turning the background completely black and forcing a reboot.  Is this normal behavior or are you out to test how annoyed users can get?

I'll probably stick with Vista SE for a while, but not for anything critical.  Not until Microsoft fixes some of these issues, or I can find a way to disable the "functionality" and "user experience" Microsoft seems to think users want.


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