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Why some companies don't have a clue

Living in Fort Walton Beach isn't bad, but when you don't own a car transportation can be a problem.  Flying out of the airport can be not only frustrating but expensive, and the only other alternative is Greyhound if you're on a limited budget.  But to give you some idea of how idiotic and stupid Greyhound can be, let's look at this example:

I'm planning a trip to visit Aki in early September.  At the same time, I'm planning to take her during the visit to Biloxi for two nights at the Beau Rivage (free lodging... can't beat that.)  So I call up Greyhound on how to schedule a multi-segment trip.

"Oh we don't do that."

"What do you mean you don't do that, I'm asking for a round-trip ticket with a layover of two days in Biloxi."

So I look at what the cost would me.  This is what I found out on a 21-day advance purchase:

Round trip Fort Walton to New Orleans - $67.00
One way Fort Walton to New Orleans - $33.50
One way New Orleans to Biloxi - $12.00
One way Biloxi to Fort Walton - $19.00
Total for three tickets - $64.50

That's right, folks, it's cheaper to buy three tickets instead of one.  I still end up with essentially a round-trip ticket, but Greyhound's reps can't understand that fact.

And they wonder why they're not making money.


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