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Evening Randomness

Ok, so I'm just playing around tonight. I had a spare 6.4gb drive, so I snarfed a copy of Mandrake Linux and loaded on the drive. Right now, it's running happily, with one window open on Furry/Taps (tinyfugue, of course), a second with Mozilla and this page, and a third with RealPlayer running a feed from the BBC in the background. (Radio 3, their classical music service.) All of this is running through the NIC and onto the net via my broadband connection, so I'm pretty happy at the moment. *chuckle* Of course, I'll switch back to Windows 2000 before the night's over... just because it's where all the data I have is sitting.

Eventually I might switch over... but there's no rush.

* * *

Keeping an eye on Isabel in the Atlantic, soon to be the Carribean. It's going to be interesting, I think... next week. This week is a different matter, with work being a little on the crazy side. Between switching over servers, switching over job responsibilities, and the little critters of nature (known as [l]users), I'm having one of those 4.3 headaches... 4.3 on the Richter scale. At least it's not as bad as the ones the admins who are in charge of the servers that are having problems are getting...

* * *

Musical choice of the month: If you have a decent store, and want some killer chillout music, look for the following: Chilled Euphoria, Deep and Chilled Euphoria, and Chilled Out Euphoria. All three are just to mellow out to... music familiar and unknown, and all of it is stuff that will calm frayed nerves and relax the mind. You can guess what's been playing at work a LOT. *gryn*

Enough for now... back to playing with the system.


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