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Go! Go! Gadget! Vegas! Part 2

Well, the hotel's been nailed down.  Yes, we'll be staying at Bill's Gamblin' Hall and Saloon, formerly the Barbary Coast.  The rates were about the best I could find, and they even said if I saw the rates go down, they would adjust the reservation cost downwards... but if they went up, we'd be locked in at the lower cost.  Now that's unusual for a hotel to offer that sort of guarantee...  but I'll take it.

I've got a couple of silver strikes from the Barbary Coast, back when it still existed.  Silver strikes are tokens that actually have about 2/3 oz of silver, and usually have some theme behind them.  The ones I have are Nevada landmarks, like Red Rock, Mount Charleston and Hoover Dam.  Actually won two of them out of a silver strike machine, before Harrah's took over the property and removed the machine.  Now the only two places I know with them are the Palms (with a bevy of Playboy-themed strikes) and the Four Queens on Freemont St.

Silver strikes are a dying breed.  Probably within the next few years there will be no more, and the ones that have been collected and saved will become more and more sought after as a collectable.  Some already are, but I only have a few for my own enjoyment.

As for the hotel, it's a smaller place, only 7 stories.  But that's ok... it's centrally located right there on the corner where you've got Caesar's and Bellagio across from you, and Bally's and Paris to the right.  Nice remodeled rooms, and the casino is small and inexpensive compared to some.  *chuckle*  Oh, and for Aki, there's a Seattle's Best right in the casino.  Breakfast latte and danish.

Plans continue to be made... plots continue to be worked on... schemes continue to be written out.


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Oct. 3rd, 2008 12:19 pm (UTC)
Yes, the ounce wants her latte. :)
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