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The Windows Vista Experience is Over

Well, six months after initially deciding to install (and threatening to rip out again) Windows Vista, I have made the decision to rip it out for good.  The problems, the issues, the incompatibilities and the sheer stupidity of Microsoft concerning this product has made me finally get frustrated for the last time.  So now I'm back on a known good, stable platform, namely Windows XP x64 edition.  Everything has been reinstalled, all data moved from the old Vista drive, and now I can wipe and delete with impunity.

Fortunately, I had placed Vista on an IDE drive that I can remove out of my computer.  That way I can run now 100% SATA-II, and leave the 200gb drive in an external cage, for use when I need to access some data.  It's not that I don't have enough external drives (I've got two 250gb units on the system already) but I frankly don't need another one.  I may give it to Aki, but I gave her a 160gb drive in an external cage already last year.  (Was it last year?  Gods, where does the time go?)

So now I'm back to XP x64, able to load the 64-bit versions of some of my software, and enjoy playing again on a platform that doesn't seem so bogged down.  Vista may look pretty, but to be honest you want to have something that works and works well, and that's definitely not Vista.  At least, not the way my system is currently set up.  Now if I didn't have an Nvidia motherboard, didn't have 3gb of memory, didn't have an Athlon x2 chip, and didn't have as many hard drives as I do, maybe Vista would work better...

But right now?  It's back on my 'avoid at all costs' list.  I'll stick with something that'll let me use my iPod without trouble, let me view graphics without crashing, let me work my programs smoothly and let me do work without feeling like I'm going to beat up the system.


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Jun. 24th, 2007 11:04 pm (UTC)
160GB? I thought it was 80...
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