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The Daily Rant - Microsoft

Ok, there's enough material in terms of Microsoft to do a rant a day for a year.  But let's start simple.
"It's trivial to make fun of Microsoft products, but it takes a real man to make them work, and a god to make them do anything useful"
-- Anonymous
Microsoft has for close to two decades now been the punchline for many a joke in the IT world.  It's not that they make bad products (they do) or that they have terrible technical support (mostly true) nor is it that their marketing department is filled with rejects from the SIrius Cybernetics Corporation (far, far too true).  But it's the fact that it's Microsoft, and that's enough right there to make you cringe.

The horror stories about trying to work with Microsoft products are many and varied.  We have all had a taste with the DST patch that came down recently (which we've seen not install on some machines at work).  Then there was the disaster that was SP1 for Windows XP (which forced Microsoft to issue a SP1a).  And today it's Windows Vista and the multitude of issues that are filling forums everywhere (what do you mean hibernate?  It's more like frozen in a block of ice!)

Let's not talk about the Enterprise solutions they offer, either.  (Each one needs to come with a red Security shirt so that everyone knows who to aim the phasers at.)  The only solace is that when once asked by Bill Gates what the best things about Windows was, a Unix programmer shot back "That YOU have to use it!"


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