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The Daily Rant - An Experiment

Working in technical support as I do, I get to see the absolute worst in problems, users, companies and equipment.  So when I get the chance I tend to drift off to read the various newsgroups (alt.sysadmin.recovery) and websites (TechComedy) to get my daily dose of consolation in knowing that others are often in the same boat.  And over time, I've collected a lot of tag lines that folks have used that help sum up the feelings.

So what I'm going to do is post one tag line a day for about a month, along with my own observations about it.  And to begin, here's one that's running in my class currently:
Always carry a short length of fibre-optic cable. If you get lost, then you can drop it on the ground, wait ten minutes, and ask the backhoe  operator how to get back to civilization.
-- Mike Andrews in NANAE
This came up as our instructor suffered a network outage courtesy of some backhoe operator.  Needless to say, it's a common occurrence in today's network-centric environment.  Even our work center has been crippled when some over-zealous operator of heavy equipment decided to begin digging in an area that was clearly marked >Fiber Cable Underground<.

What is amazing about this is that we have so much cable buried underground that in some places it's almost impossible to dig any distance down without hitting one.  Some companies began getting a clue and started laying cable along railroad tracks as it was safer to do so.  No backhoe operator worth his salt is going to start digging up a train track.  Others are beginning to use the Interstate Highway System to lay cable along, and again how often do you see backhoe operators working anywhere close to roads with large trucks rolling at better than 70mph?  (Backhoe operators know that in that battle, they'd lose.)

Eventually we'll move away from cable and go wireless for our transmissions.  Then the backhoe operators will have to learn how to run into wireless towers instead.


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Mar. 11th, 2007 06:33 pm (UTC)
We've been going through tech-support hell at work the last couple days. It seems that BuMed, as part of their migration to Active Directory, pushed down an update to everyone's computer... that, among other things, removed the "everyone" entry from the access permissions for C:\ on every computer at the hospital. Four thousand computers where people can't write to their hard drives...
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