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It must be Thursday...

I rarely have a reason to complain in these postings, but today...

Today, I'm breaking my reasons.  Today was just too much shit in too little amount of time.

First strike:  I get to work.  I'm now facing two hours of meetings right off the bat, starting at 7am.  However, I get a call that one of the user systems crashed, so I have to go there first, pull the machine, pull the hard drive, put it in my external cage and pull data, while starting the rebuild on a new drive.  Go to meetings.  Be bored while wanting to get back to work and get said system off the bench.  Get out of meetings, and...

Second strike: The moment I come out of the meeting room, I'm hit by FOUR people, all wanting me to look at their systems.  One was a notebook the user said had crashed (it didn't, it was in hibernate mode).  One was a dead monitor (which was dead), one was wanting software installed, and one wanted his external access token checked out.  Gah.  On top of that I had a user coming down in 30 minutes for a notebook on loan, another user needing a new machine, a motherboard in shipping/receiving that needed to get replaced, and on top of that...

Third strike:  My lead sends me email at like 1pm.  We (meaning our department) have to get 7 notebooks prepped and placed in a conference room for a meeting next week.  We (meaning ME) have to get them up there by 2pm tomorrow.  This is on top of all the work I had scheduled for tomorrow, which now gets pushed to the side as it's going to take me time to get the notebooks ready.  Normally I have a co-worker who can help, but he's on vacation tomorrow, so...

Do I sound bitter?  Or upset?  Or frustrated?


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