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...and it's been a good time. Miss Oklahoma won Miss America, Aki enjoyed the event, and we'll probably be coming back next year once the dates are finalized. I got lots of photographs, including a new set of pics of the cubs at the Lion Habitat at the MGM Grand. Once I get back home, I'll be posting them here (after getting things organized). Didn't do too well at the tables, but life's sometimes that way. Still, it was a good relaxing time here and good de-stressing from RL work.

One of the 'jokes' Aki and I plan to put together is a site that we've nicknamed 'Miss America on $40 a day'. Despite the fact that we're talking Las Vegas, there are lots of cheap eats around here, the fun is finding them. Like Max's Grill in the Aladdin/Planet Hollywood. $3.99 lunches and $6.99 dinners every day. Then there's Chipotle, which is a chain mexican fast-food place, with some really good burritos for like $5.50-$6.00. And they only charge $1.50 for an extra-large coke, which is about the cheapest I've seen. Then there are some really inexpensive buffets around, but the best value is the dinner at Ellis Island (small casino behind the Bally's). 10 ounce steak, baked potato, green beans, bread, salad... for all of $4.95. No, that's not a misprint. It was probably one of the best little dinners we've had, and was quite delicious. They also have a $1.99 breakfast offering (eggs, sausage and/or bacon, toast).

The hotel we stayed in likely won't be open next year, as Harrah's (Boo! Hiss!) bought the place and plan to tear it down. They can't implode it because the hotel sits on top of a natural culvert for rains. There have been actual drownings in the parking garage when it's rained here. Oddness... So next year we'll likely be headquartered in a new hotel, with the possibilities being the Monte Carlo, Luxor or MGM Grand, depending on the offerings we see available. Won't know for a month, but once we know the dates we're going to start nailing things down.

You know you've been in Vegas too long when you walk into New York New York, and know exactly where the restrooms are. And you knew it from the last time you visited 18 months ago.


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Jan. 23rd, 2006 02:18 am (UTC)

Aye, Chipotle kicks all sorts of ass!
They put lime in everything, they have the freshest guacamole, and the food just rocks!
There are 3 in my area, but they're all a bit of a hike.
Definitely worth the trip though.
I used to like Baja Fresh, but these guys kick their asses.

I should go to Vegas this year some time.
It's been ages since I've gone.
And it looks like I'm getting a real job with a real salary and real benefits,
so I should be able to save some dough for a Vegas trip. I would be driving.

(dammit, I need an Elvis LJ icon...)
Jan. 23rd, 2006 03:38 am (UTC)
Oh, I agree that Chipotle is great. On my side of the continent, we don't have anything like it, other than some chain called Moe's. Frankly, having tried Moe's, I don't like it at all. It wasn't anywhere close to quality that I would have expected. Ah well, I can hope for a Chipotle to come into the Ft. Walton Beach/Destin area eventually...

As for Vegas, it was fun. Managed to get some video of the Bellagio fountains tonight along with the volcano at the Mirage. The Kodak DX-6490 will take videos of a sort, along with sound, but it's much better suited as a digital camera. I've managed to do more quality photography with it this time than I have ever managed to do so far.
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