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Live, it's Austin City Limits

Well, my vacation has begun. Needless to say, getting there was half the fun. I really have to !love Greyhound, sometimes.

Get to the station around 2:30ish. Get told the bus is running about a half hour late. Bus shows up 5 minutes ahead of schedule. That's ok. What isn't is the fact that about a third of the bus is filled with individuals for whom EASL (English as a second language) doesn't apply. Oh joy. Get to Mobile, end up with some old geezer with no luggage who sits almost behind me and tries to hack up a lung every 15 minutes. Get to Baton Rouge to witness a near-riot when the number of passengers exceeds the number of bus seats available. Had to stop in Baytown to let off two people, half the bus decides to get off for a smoke and/or something to eat. 20 minutes longer than we needed to stay there. (Most of the ones who got off were members of the EASL family) Finally get to Houston an hour behind schedule, but that's ok, as the bus to Austin leaves at 7:30am. Given what I saw in Houston, I'm sorta glad I did not have to be there much longer.

The ride from Houston to Austin is much nicer, run by the Kerrville Bus Company. They're a combination tour bus/charter/actual bus company that makes runs in Texas and into surrounding states. We went through some small towns with actual Kerrville Bus depot signs, which was a nice throwback to the old days of travel in this country.

Got into Austin right on time, and Pancua was waiting for me. After the obligitory greetings, we went back to her place to coordinate lunch, which consisted of folks from her RPG group and a few others from varoius soul-sucking corporations (read: DELL). *Gryn* After that, it was pretty much crash and burn time, as I had already been awake for some 30 hours.

Pancua went out last night with Robin, which was fine, I was pretty zonked out and likely would have been nothing more than deadweight. Right now, it's waiting on decisions for breakfast, and likely a fun run to the zoo. Gotta see the real animals today, as opposed to the ones I had to travel with Friday/Saturday.

Digital photos are being taken, and will be posted when I can get a chance to.


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Nov. 20th, 2005 02:06 pm (UTC)
Pet the sneaux miaoux for me...
Nov. 22nd, 2005 04:30 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah...I could go on and on and on and on and on about the ESL thing. I wonder if that's why I have this thing, this mental wall against learning Spanish.
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