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Ivan the Terrible, Post Report #1

Good morning, folks. Yes, I'm still alive (thanks for the relay by Aki aka mshollie) and am doing well. Ivan indeed was terrible, with that last minute kick to the east, it brought the edge of the outer eyewall directly over Navarre.

I'll have more to report later, this is being typed during lunch at work (yes, we're back to work already, despite damage to the building.) This is my FIFTH Category 3 hurricane or worse that I've had to go through (Betsy 1965, Camille 1969, Andrew 1992 [Louisiana landfall], Georges 1998) and franky it doesn't get any easier. At least having had experience through this, I have survived well enough.

Oddly enough, the best barometer was the cat. She slept right through the worst part of the storm (from 1:30am to 5am Thursday morning) on her usual spot, right near the window. As for me, I was not able to sleep for good reason.

There is a sound that Mother Nature can generate, a sound that hints of the gods themselves being seriously pissed off. This wasn't a whistling sound, or the sound of howling winds, it was the deep bass rumble of the air itself, the sound of a freight train coming through and woe be to anyone who happened to be in the way of this train. It's a sound that you never, EVER want to hear again in your lifetime, because if you do the chances are that you may never hear anything again.

I've only heard this sound once before, during Betsy back when I was six years old. I never thought I would hear it again, but Ivan was of the same mold as Betsy was, a monster of a storm that was not going to give anyone quarter. And Ivan certainly did not suffer fools, as I'm sure many of you have seen in the news. [I'm speaking of the driver of the semi that was caught on the I-10 Escambia Bay Bridge at the height of the storm.]

Speaking of which, I finally saw pictures of that today. It reminded me of when Camille took out the US 90 bridge in Biloxi, only this was supposed to be capable of withstanding a normal hurricane. I think the estimate was a 40' wave of water that hit the bridge in combination with the winds... they'll still be trying to figure it out into next year.

All right, enough for now... more later once my power is back online and I can take the time to type some more of the observations.


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Sep. 22nd, 2004 04:07 am (UTC)
Glad to hear you made it through in one piece. I hope they get your power and all back on as quickly as humanly possible.
Sep. 22nd, 2004 07:31 am (UTC)
Aki left me a brief note on Taps a couple of days ago. Glad to hear you made it through okay.
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