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Easy come, easy go...

Ever notice how fast a paycheck can disappear? I mean, think about it. You've got the check in your hand, you go to the bank, and then suddenly >*WHAM!*< it's already vanished. Between rent, utilities, food, transportation, clothing and a host of other essentials (which include music, books and computer stuff), it evaporates faster than water in Death Valley.

And I had a list of 'essentials' that had to be taken care of with this paycheck. Rent, foodstuffs, paying back a temporary loan to my employer, getting some clothing for work, getting a haircut (back to the pseudo-military high and tight look), getting a computer book so that I have a command guide for the OS we're using (Windows 2000)... and oh yes, putting a chunk of it away for the planned apartment. It does disappear real fast. But I did manage to also get my fribble. Having a boombox that plays MP3's is a goddessend. *wink*

Now, if only I had a computer. But that will come in time. Patience is the keyword here.

* * *

I was looking through my archives of artwork on CD, and I'm amazed at some of the things I manage to keep. I lost a lot of stuff in a few mishaps over the years (including a good chunk of my Japanese anime/furry art collection) but I do seem to have stuff that boggles the imagination. Artists that have vanished over time, for instance. If not vanished, then just taken a low profile it seems like. And of course a few artists who I particularly enjoy looking at like Megan Giles and Sara Palmer (and I have stuff from her first forays into furry art... she's come a long, LONG way since then. *wink*)

The sad thing is that my last CD is dated from March 2000, and there was a ton of stuff I have on a 10gb Seagate that I didn't get a chance to burn before my job crashed and burned... and a year out of work. Ah well... I'll be able to get that drive back up eventually and then work on collecting what I've missed over the last year plus. I'm sure there's stuff I want to see... and stuff that'll burn the eyes in pain. *gryn*

And that's another thing I'm glad for... having a job means I can buy artwork. Maybe not a lot, but I'm willing to be selective for good stuff.

It's not like I'm going to have the funds to buy an Erte or a Chagall anytime soon.



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Dec. 21st, 2002 09:24 am (UTC)
Well, you can always come over and borrow mine. I mean, half the neighbourhood does already...there's Mike, there's the frog, sometimes my sisters come over and borrow it, you get the idea. :)

And as for artwork, I still have a few of your wolfies over here. And I haven't even gotten a place to hang that Kaga-dragon you got for me a while back.

Le sigh. Le purr. Le miaoux.
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