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Thanksgiving... not!!

Heh. I think I've managed to avoid National Turkey Assassination Day fairly well... it also was my one-year anniversary at the job. Hurrah... I've survived my first year with Boeing. *chuckle* And with that I'm actually looking forwards to Yule.

I try to avoid the overcommercialized stuff. Frankly, I'm a traditionalist, and the way we've tended to destroy the meaning behind our holidays and/or convert them into commercialized events makes me want to avoid them as much as possible. However, this being one of the few times when I've had enough stability and income to feel like I'm not slighting myself, I'm actually giving myself a present.

Many, MANY years ago, I received a telescope for Yule. It was just your basic refractor, from Sears... but it was a telescope and it gave me many years of service. How many? I was 5 when I got it... it was in my early 20's when the mounting unit broke. I tended to take very good care of my stuff when I could... that same year I had a microscope, a chemistry set and a couple of book collections on natural science. Hey, for me, that was a very good Yule. Most of the ones after that were forgettable, with clothes and maybe one or two nice things...while the rest of the brothers got games and toys. Some years were real disappointments, but...

So this year I'm getting a new telescope. I've already decided on what I want, and where it's coming from. There's a company called Binoculars.com that sells telescopes (along with binoculars, duh...) Anyway, they have one in particular that has both the right set of features for the right price. It's from a company called Konus, and it's a 90mm Maksutov-Cassegrain style telescope. Translation: It's a little small, compact thing that's got some kick-ass capabilities. If you've seen the Meade or Celestron telescopes, this is similar... but for half the price. For $249 plus s/h, you really can't go wrong. What makes it even more interesting, this thing has a warranty. Most of the lower-end telescopes might come with some kind of limited warranty, but apparently the Konus ones have some really good coverage in case there is a problem. So... that's my toy for this year.

Hey, I'm entitled to some nice things every once in a while... (as he glances at the 17" lcd flatscreen, the dvd player, the Sony shelf unit that plays 5 mp3 cd's...)



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Dec. 17th, 2003 09:27 am (UTC)
My papasan mentioned that he was planning to buy a telescope with his Amex points.

And I'm entitled to some nice things, too...new flat screen TV, DVD player, portable CD-MP3 player, lots of cool electronics...

*eevyl grynne*
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